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  • UAT or User acceptance testing, as the name suggest, is performed by the end users of the software and is usually performed at client location. This is the final phase of the testing before releasing the product in the marked and to identify that whether the application meets all the requirements.

    The UAT testing process involves the following tasks:

    1.  Gathering of all the system requirements
    2. Creation of test plan and to identify the test scenarios
    3. Creation of test cases and production like data
    4. Execution of test cases and record the test results
    5. Identify that the business requirements are met and any critical defects

    In most of the scenarios, product owners avail the software testing services and the UAT testing is performed in the QA environment itself when there is no staging or UAT environment is available.


    End-to-end testing is performed to test whether the system is behaving as expected and to verify the flow of the information through all the system components in a desired manner.

    In end-to-end testing not only the software is tested but also the related components with which it interacts such as network, databases and other external interfaces.

    The main activities involved in this testing are:

    1. Requirements gathering including all software and hardware information
    2. Setting up of test environment
    3. Description of roles and responsibilities of all the systems and subsystems
    4.  Defining the testing methodology
    5. Test cases designing
    6. Record the input and output data of system and all the sub systems

    E2E testing design framework consists of following three categories:

    User functions: Listing down the features of the system and identify the relation between the functions

    Conditions: Building conditions based on the user functions

    Test cases: Multiple test cases should be created including each scenario and condition.

    Mostly software testing companies perform manual end to end testing due to the involvement of external interfaces and automation of such test cases can be costly.

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