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  • Mobile App upgrade happens when any new functionalities are implemented or code changes have been made to the existing functionalities to resolve any issues and make them better for customer use.

    In software testing company, an appropriate process is being followed to test the mobile app upgrades. Below are the key points:

    1) User should be notified when any upgrade is introduced (for any Mobile user say iOS, Android, Windows etc..)

    2) User should be asked to upgrade in order to experience better services

    3) Upgrade should be installed without any error

    4) Upgrade should not ask to delete the previous app. Rather, it should be upgrade the existing app

    5) Key changes provided in the upgrade should be working fine after upgrading the app

    6) Existing data of app should not be altered in any of the way. Existing data should retain after upgrade

    7) App’s functionality should be working fine after upgrade

    8) Most important part, security of application should not be hampered in the new upgrade

    9) Performance of app should be fine in the new version than previous one

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