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  • Performance Testing is a practice followed by software testing services performed to make sure that a system/application will remain stable and accessible under a particular amount of workload.
    It also serve to validate the different elements related to quality/standard of application such as scalability, reliability, consistency, productivity and usage.

    Tools used for Performance Testing: There are number of tools available for performance testing. Below are the important ones as per market trend:

    1. HP LoadRunner
      2. Neoload
      3. Apache JMeter
      4. Rational Performance Tester

    Moreover, 'Ramp up Time' is a significant feature of Thread Group.

    Thread Group: It is start point of plan. It stores the configuration required for script execution.
    Thread group consists of below combination three components:
    Thread Count, Ramp up time and Loop count.

    Thread Count: It specifies the largest number of concurrent requests/users that a server can handle.

    Ramp-up Time: The amount of time that any performance-testing tool takes to send all the threads for the execution. It is defined in seconds (time)
    Say that thread count is 10 and ramp up time is 100 seconds, then tool will take 100 seconds to get all threads up and run for execution.
    If first thread sent at 0th Seconds then moving forward, each thread will be starting after 10th seconds.
    Ramp up time should be sufficient so that unnecessary and large workload can be avoided from start of execution.

    Loop Count: It specifics the number of times to execute the performance test. It can be set manually or can be choose to execute forever in loop.

    Below is the example to understand the combination:
    Thread Count = 20
    Ramp up Time = 100 sec.
    Loop Count = 4
    It means, every 5 seconds, 4 threads will hit the server.
    Once first threads complete the first round of execution, then second loop will start by executing same HTTP request.
    The execution circle will last until all the 20 threads execute all HTTP request four times.

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