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  • Need checklist for Unit test on Android Mobile applications
  • Need checklist for Unit test on windows Mobile applications
  • Hi All,

    can anyone share why android platform is ganining such a dominance and what are the special features that makes android the market leader as of now, when compared to other mobile platforms??

    happy testing,
  • If this is a job then how can we earn from it.
  • Hi , i am working with Samsung Android mobiles testing....
  • Load and Performance testing in android
    Hi. am Dev. Nice to see such blog and website for testers especially for Mobile QAs. I need to know one thing that how we can test the loading time and the performance of the android apps on mobile.

    Prashanth Dev K.
  • well www.mobileappstesting.com will help a bit also
  • Hi Fozia,

    For Leaning Mobile Apps you dont have any tutorials as such. But now the Providers are having lot of info on there sites it self. Just need to go through those and learn. You can follow the below links for that.

    For Android: http://developer.android.com/index.html
    For iPhone: http://developer.apple.com/

    Happy Reading!!!
  • Hello guys

    how to learn mobile application testing? is there any online training school available? please help me ... thanks :-)
  • Then First Android App i have tested is in Android Market now!!! Hurray!!!
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Hands-On Mobile App Testing is available

Hi all,maybe you have already seen my book about mobile testing: „Hands-On Mobile App Testing“. Within this book I covered lots of mobile testing topics. The book contains lots of examples and ideas, that came to my mind when working with and testing mobile apps. The following topics are covered:- What's special about mobile testing?- Introduction to mobile devices and apps- Challenges in mobile testing- How to test mobile apps- Mobile test automation and tools- Additional mobile testing…

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Which one is the best antivirus for Android?

From time and again, great innovations have propelled mankind to another level. One such invention, mobile phones, took man to the pinnacle of communication. Considered a boon to modern civilization, mobile phone technology is growing at a fast rate as does mobile malware. As per a recent report, Androids are 3 times more vulnerable to malware than they were few months ago. The report further said that nearly 50% of Android users don't use screen passwords. Your mobile stores personal data,…

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Clicking on Image/Logo button !!!

Hi,I need to know that how should I click on image button on screen whose index is not known.Actually it is a logo button but it appear to be a image button. I'm not sure about it.Please let me know how to do it. Please find the snapshot for reference.In snap, I have mentioned steps.Kindly provide me solutions as soon as possible.

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