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"Mobile QA Zone" is an Online Social Networking platform for all Software Testers especially Mobile Handset, Mobile Application, Telecom/Wireless Testers. With  this online community you can write your  views and share your knowledge via blog posts, Forums, Groups, Videos, Notes and so on.

This community is for:-

1. All Mobile Application Testers

2. Telecom Professionals

3. Mobile Handset Testers

4. For CEO'S Test Managers,Test Leads,Project Managers of Telecom/Mobile Industry

5. For Software Testers from all other Domains

6. Mobile Techies

7. Mobile Content Providers


The Objective of this community is to provide online platform for all Software testers especially from Mobile/Telecom domain who are consistently facing need to have a platform for this new unexplored domain. The Objective is also to provide Opportunity for all Software Testers to explore this domain.


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  • Hello,
    I am a new member of this community and i am here because i want to share and update my knowladge on regular basis.

  • hey anurag,any facility in chat box itself,so that we can attach snapshots and all...
  • Hi I am not able to chat with any members of the community. can any one help me out?
  • What is the featured members,what its benefits and how to become one?

  • Nice Idea Kushal,I am working on that.

  • Hi Anurag,

    It would be great if you can put a functionality of saving the discussions / blogs ( or save it in his list)  so that user can to refer in future rather than searching them through site.


    Kushal Puri

  • how can i prepare for android testing interview?

  • Anurag,

    I would like to become a part of your venture. Can you please elaborate?



  • Hi Anurag,

    Thanks for your support .  I see Post a job Tab .. its gr8 . Hope all members utilize and share the job requirements .

  • Nice Thought Jagdeesh.I will just look in to it.
This reply was deleted.
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