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Decompile Apk Using Apktool for ubuntu

For Decompiling apk to source ,here i post the tutorial to use apk tool for linux ubuntu distros

Step 1 :

First download apktool  files
1. apktool 1.4.3.tar.bz2

2. apktool-install-linux-r04

Step 2 :

Unpack the both files to desktop

Step 3 :

Give all files root permission ,it can be given like this

chown -R "root folder: root folder" Eg.. chown -R linux:linux
replace linux:linux with what ever your root directory is

chown -R linux:linux

" drag file into Terminal" " hit enter"
(repeat for all 3 files)

2. make all 3 files executable

sudo chmod +x
"drag file to Terminal" " hit enter"

( put in your password) it will only ask for this once
(repeat for all 3 files)

Step 4 : Move all files to bin folder

navigate to Filesystem/usr/local
right click on the bin folder and open as administrator
drag the 3 files into the bin folder

Step 5 : Start Apktool



Step 6 :

Install framework files :  

apktool if framework-res.apk

Apktool usage
d = decompile
b = build/recompile
-f = force overwrite (will overwrite if already exists)
if = will install framework files to use as resources

Decompile an apk

apktool d -f (apkto decompile) name of output directory

Hope it helps

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